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Our Product Range

Falafel Croquette
Falafel Croquette

Falafel Croquette:
30g per piece
Approximately 50x pieces per bag
X2 bags per outer box
With Sesame Seeds
Gluten Free

Falafel Balls
Falafel Balls

Falafel Balls:
25g per piece
Approximately 50 pieces per bag
1x bags per outer box
Gluten Free

Falafel Medallion
Falafel Medallion

Falafel Medallion:
15g per piece
Economy Pack
Approximately 400 pieces per bag
2x bag per box

Falafel’s work admirably as a starter either hot or cold. You can make the most of your falafel in a salad, with a hummus or tahini dip or even as a main course with various other vegetables (We highly recommend aubergines!).

Flames Falafel’s® versatility makes them perfect for picnics and lunch boxes as well!

Falafel Burger
Falafel Burger

Falafel Burger:
113g per piece
24x Burgers in a box

Falafel Stix
Falafel Stix

Falafel Stix:
20g per piece
125 pieces per economy pack
Vacuum Packed

 MG 8711Macklin
Falafel Pizza/Salad Topping

Falafel Pizza/Salad Topping:
7g per piece
2kg per box

Flames Falafel® fits right into the current trend in the market place towards veggie lover dishes. 10 years ago, you would find Falafel secluded to Middle-Eastern specialty stores and eateries. In recent years however, Falafel has turned out to be one of the most popular vegetarian food products in the world! Flames Falafel® has expanded its recognition in the UK market by supplying our falafels in top of the line supermarkets, restaurants, schools, takeaways, cafeterias, and hospitals.


All our products are available in both Retail & Wholesale packaging


All Flames Falafel® products are pre-cooked and must be defrosted before heating. You have the choice to oven cook any of our falafel products at 180° for a duration of 5 minutes or alternatively you can place them in the grill at 180° for a duration of 10 minutes.


When we are looking for a naughty alternative we grab our delicious falafels and chuck it onto a pizza. Not all pizza has to be unhealthy though; with fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers and olives Flames Falafel fits right into the equation and will add that extra bit of deliciousness to home made and shop bought pizza alike.

Sauces and Dips

Flames provide their specialist hummus which fits extraordinarily well with Flames FALAFEL and other food alike. Just get into contact with us in regards to getting ahold of some.

Flames also provide superb tahini, tahini also goes spectacular with our delicious falafels. Tahini is perfect for dipping a Flames FALAFEL stick in to!

Serving Suggestions

Using fluffy pita bread spread some hummus then drop in your Flames Falafel. Your challenge then is to stuff the pita bread with as many of the salads, pickles and dips as you possibly can. The choices of ingredients are unlimited however, here at Flames Falafels we recommend a mixture of fried eggplant, carrot salad, onions, cucumber and tahini. Somehow it all fits and you have a delicious Flames FALAFELnutritious meal.

Using rolls of your choice, spread a thick layer of your sauce of choice onto the buns (We recommend hummus or mayonnaise), place onion, pickles and salad onto the bun, then place a Flames Falafel burger onto the salad and top with fresh cucumber and more sauce if you wish. This will create a low calorie, healthy and delicious burger alternative that is suitable for vegetarians.

Flames Falafels sticks are perfect for the party environment or a healthy snack! The falafel stick in essence is ideal for scooping up delicious tahini or hummus. We enjoy placing diced fresh vegetables on the end of the falafel stick. Finely diced onions, cucumber and tomato go extremely well in this case.

Weight: 25 Grams per piece
Shape: Ball
Ingredients: Chick Peas, Broad Beans, Onions, Vegetable Oil, Mix Spices, Parsley, Coriander, Sesame Seeds, Rusk, Salt
Contains Gluten. Wheat. Sesame.

Product storage All frozen, 12 months freezer life. Fridge life 7/10 days. Pre-cooked ready to eat