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We produce and supply the best falafels to individuals and businesses all around the United Kingdom, in wholesale. Our packaging is ideally done, with preserving the freshness, warmth and traditional yummy goodness of every single falafel furthermost on our minds. We provide a small minimum order requirement so you can purchase as little as a hundred falafels at a time, which are labeled correctly in bags of 20 each, so they can be frozen and used whenever needed.

Here at Flames Falafel, we have, by experience, achieved a uniqueness of taste that only our falafels can satisfy. And our goal is to get these wraps of pure deliciousness to you whenever and wherever you desire. Using state-of-the-art methods, we bring a local recipe to you with a global class, without misplacing that essential Middle Eastern goodness that has come to be loved all around the world. Our skillful methods testify for themselves, literally, in the quality we bring to your table. Each fantastic traditional ingredient manifestly declares its presence as you take your first bite of a warm, tasty Flames falafel, and the delicious mouthful crumbles on your tongue gently infiltrate your taste buds.

Jaw-Dropping Recipes

At Flames Falafel, we also go off the books to create and present you with jaw-dropping falafel recipes and options that are beyond typical. You’d be sure to enjoy our popcorn falafels, falafel sticks and falafel burgers, to mention but a few.


Why People choose us.

Every business begins with an idea. The best ones thrive when you’re doing what you love and know how to do best. At Flames Falafel, bringing our concept to light entails giving you the best of what we’ve got. Flame falafel is positioned to ensure that consuming falafels is fun for you because producing them is fun for us. Staying true-blue to our core values and delivery of exceptional experience in each falafel you get is our pride.

Turning healthy snacking into fun, and making a healthy, traditional treat more convenient and appealing to your palate than junk food also is our pride. We deliver our products to your home or workplace. We make lunchtimes at work occasions to look forward to, and mealtimes at home a delight. You can also demand our services for your parties, events, and functions.

Our Products

It is equally important to know that we offer suggestions on how to serve our falafels to you. They include along with our other products, such as;

  • Flames falafel burger serving suggestion
  • Flames Falafel sticks serving suggestion
  • Product specifications
  • Flames falafel serving suggestion

Flames falafel offers nothing but the best when it concerns falafels. Our falafels note some contents such as calorie amount, fat, saturates, sugars, salt. We suggest you try chucking our falafels into any pizza.

Our Customers

Our customers are significant to us, as, without them, we will not have existed. So we try to make it convenient for customers who find themselves trying to order falafel around the U.K. by creating Stockists points.

Stockists point helps with our delivery. The make sure your falafels reach your doorstep without you moving an inch, no matter your location as our customer.

In the meantime, we are open to customers who want to make suggestions and have complaints.

You may get in touch with us through our contact or email us at info@flamesfood.com.

Clear guidance on purchase

All information regarding our delivery service is available on our site. It will direct you on how to get your flames to your desired destination.

Our Significance

Our logo incorporates a leaf that sits above the word flames. This is colored green as with the word ‘Falafel’ beneath flames. This is to signify the agricultural benefit of falafel to your body which shows that, we are more concerned about your well-being than anything.

You can also follow us via different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus. These handles are available on the follow us tab on our homepage.

You can order the various form of falafel and get them right at your doorstep, it all depends on your choice and the sauce involved. We are always here to serve you first.

Your total satisfaction is our utmost goal because we’re delighted when you are