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Flames Falafel

If you think of Falafel, think Flames Falafel!

Falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern food which originated in Egypt. It is commonly served in pita which acts like a pocket. The falafel is sometimes accompanied in a flat bread.

Some people refer to the falafel as either a wrapped sandwich, topped with salads, vegetables, hot sauce and drizzled with tahini based sauces. Falafel could either be eaten alone or served as part of a meze.

However, there are no other sites to best explain falafel and its various types like flamesfalafel.com.


Flamesfalafel.com is a website located in the U.K. Our business runs online, as we deal with a lot of customers living in the U.K. Our site is user friendly with instructions on to how place orders.

Furthermore, we offer different types of sauces to accompany the falafel. Sometimes from the special hummus which fits extraordinarily with falafels.

It is good to note that, the tahini sauce also goes along with our falafels here at flames.

Products of flames falafel

It is equally important to know that we at flamesfalafel.com, offer suggestions on how to serve our falafel. They are included along with our other products, such as;

  • Flames falafel burger serving suggestion
  • Flames Falafel sticks serving suggestion
  • Product specifications
  • Flames falafel serving suggestion

We at flames falafel give a vivid description of our content. Our falafels take note of some contents such as calorie amount, fat, saturates, sugars, salt. Our website flamesfalafel.com offers you, our customer a chance to try chucking it into different pizzas.

Our Customer relationship at flamesfalafel.com

On our website flamesfalafel.com, you can find a tab for our numerous stockists. This is so, for customers who find themselves trying to order falafel around the U.K. Stockists point can be traced on our search tab, this is to help deliver safely to your location as our customer.

In the meantime, we are open to customers who want to make suggestions and have complaints.

We have a customer care number which can be found at the upper-left-side of our site. Along with the number is an email that reads info@flamesfoods.com.

Our Vision

Our logo incorporates a leaf that sits above the word flames. This is colored green as with the word ‘Falafel’ beneath flames. This is to signify the agricultural benefit of falafel to the body.

Furthermore, we have a payment method, which can be found on the left-lower part of our site. This also gives room for you and our numerous customers, who intend to pay with either their PayPal account, visa card or the master cards.

Our delivery services

All information regarding our delivery service is located below our site. It will direct you on how to get your flames falafel’s delivered. Flamesfalafel.com can also be followed via different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus.

The handles can be found on the follow us tab, which is by the right-lower part of the site.

Flames Falafel is a user friendly site. It invites all lovers of falafel to give it tries.

The numerous types of falafel could be ordered on flamesfalafel.com, it all depends on your choice and the sauce involved.